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I Spy Work Samples

Get to know our style.

This page includes samples from previous projects we've worked on. Get to know us and our style so you know that we're right for your project. 

Let’s create together.

Premium Logo Design

A must for your organization

Are you ready to invest in your idea? 


A logo provides your customers a way to recognize and set you apart from your competitors. With our premium logo services, your concept will be transformed into a visual idea that will build brand recognition in your customers. 

Starting with our signature Purple Sketch, our logo process is informed by classic logo techniques and finalized with technology. 

Notable clients include: Smokey Bears Live Music

Print and Graphics

Billboards, t-shirts, invitations & so much more

Print design done right. 


Where do you go when you need your logo on something? Whether it's a brochure, or a mug, or a retractable banner for your next in-person engagement, we have the experience to create eye-catching and engaging design for your brand. 

Maybe you've already got an idea in mind, or need someone to help you decide which type of printed products will bring the most value to your brand. With years of experience managing printing and production, Klaw Design has the connections to get the job done. All quotes are offered free of charge

Notable clients include: Hurley Medical Center

Book Design

Covers, interiors, layouts, illustrations

You've got your manuscript. Now what? 


Book design provides you with a visual component that will allow you to market and communicate to readers what your book is all about.


Maybe your book has forms for your readers to fill out, maybe it's a novel that needs chapters added, maybe you need illustrations or need layouts for your photography or recipes. 

Notable clients include: BIGGBY COFFEE

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