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WIPs - May 2022

Hey everyone! K here - with some projects for you to take a look at.

This is the beginning of the blog portion of my website. I'm going to be using this portion to host content that I can then share to Facebook or Twitter or whatever. I just don't really enjoy posting specifically to social platforms. I think having a blog as an intermediary will help me to be able to do this more regularly. Hopefully haha.

Anyway, I think it's about time to start talking about what will live here. I'm planning on updating all of you monthly on some of the things I'm up to. I will include some of my creative work, and some lifestyle content as well so that you can get to know me a little bit better.

Without any further ado, let's get into it!

It's A Breast Thing - Logo Redesign

This month, I had the opportunity to work with the amazing team over at It's A Breast Thing. If you don't know them, you should (donate).

It's A Breast Thing is a nonprofit that provides people with a breast cancer diagnosis with grants to help them simply live their lives. The money can go wherever it is needed and is intended to enhance people's lives after diagnosis.

Early sketch of It's A Breast Thing's Logo
Klaw Design's signature Purple Sketch

Final It's A Breast Thing Logo
Final Logo

If you don't know, I work with sketches before I ever touch my design programs. It may look basic, but it really helps us get an idea of what we're working with. If you look closley, you can see some of the differences between the sketch and the final. Some of the differences were requested changes from the client, and some are visual decisions I made to improve on the look and feel of the logo.

One question I get a lot is why I start with Purple.

I could sketch everything with a regular graphite pencil, but I find it more fun to sketch with purple. No, it doesn't mean that your logo with be purple when it is finished (unless that's what you want).

I don't want to be too sales-y, but Klaw Design offers discounts on design work for qualified 501c3 charities. If you have a project that your organization needs help with, let's get in touch.

Speaking of Works In Progress...

In March, I started my seedlings indoors.

A photo of a tray of seedlings, only a couple have sprouted
Started the seedlings in March

They took a long time to sprout, and I was very concerned that they were not going to at all. In the end, everything took except for our rosemary. Not a single rosemary sprouted!

A tray of large, green sprouts
Here they are, all sprouted

Last weekend, James and I spent a few hours planting each seedling in grow bags that we ended up purchasing. I was very interested in building a raised garden bed, but financially/timing wise we could not this year.

This fall, I would like to build a Keyhole Garden. While reading garden blogs I heard about the Keyhole Garden design and everything I read espoused its virtues. The Keyhole Garden was invented in Lesotho by the Consortium for Southern Africa Food Security Emergency, and it is based upon a design that originated with CARE in Zimbabwe. It is designed to produce high volumes of food in extreme conditions, and to be accessible to disabled gardeners.

A photo of a line of grow bags with the seedlings planted inside
This year, we planted everything in grow bags

This year, the grow bags will be our main planting plan. We will still use them year after year, as most varieties of pepper do well in pots/bags.

That should about do it for this update. As always, if you have a creative project, you need Klaw Design. Let's create together.


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