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I am NOT OK.

It's amazing how much can change in a year. This year has been particularly difficult.

I've been on a healing journey since I graduated college in 2015. It wasn't until this year when I became self employed that I was able to get a therapist for the first time in my life. The work has been transformative.

I've also been embracing the spiritual side of my life as well. Connecting to ancestral practices has been healing and empowering in the best of ways.

But through all of it, I've been completely absent from most social gatherings and on social media. A post here or there, mostly on TikTok, but sparse.

I'm not even here to promise that I'll post more or be more social. I am still hurting, healing, discovering old wounds and finally giving them the healing they deserve.

I am grieving a beautiful soul who entered our lives. I am chronically ill. But I am building something with Klaw Design. I truly believe that art is healing, art is the way forward.

For those who have joined me in any way on my journey, and especially to those whos orbits pulled me away from the abyss, thank you.

I see you. I want to create with you. I am coming back for you.

Let's create together.


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